Tinder in life

Tinder an understatement word to define an app that somehow finds the stranger near you.

Have you ever thought that at times sharing with strangers feels more comforting than the ones beside you. Yes for the victims I swipe right on Tinder was never for a random hookup. I must confess!

Although there was one guy whom still a stranger. Somehow opened my eyes on perspectives of life. He never judge the storminlife. All he said or quoted was “Tough times don’t last Tough people do”. Honestly to whomever said that or if it was him Woow. He is a stranger but somehow words just flash thru my mind like 4th of July.

I am thankful to his words of comforting and hope someday I’ll be privileged to meet him.

So give it a try, smile to a stranger or share with them. I know it sounds absurd to pour out what you going through to a stranger. But hey “A strangers advice always a breakthrough than someone beside me- S.S.M


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