Humble beginnings

Life, a word that I can never fully define. What is Life? What makes life special? A word that brings joys and deep sorrow. A tear when comes alive and one when one passed by.

On Nov 1992, a tear of joy shed as they welcomed me. Well I don’t know I was still in diapers. Least what mum told me. My parents adored their offerings as Gods blessing. I was brought up to a family where love is acted, shown and shared.

I am my father’s girl since the day I was born. Well don’t blame me he wanted a boy and trained me to become one. Which it really makes me bold enough to face any challenges coming by me way.

The love I witnessed my parents shared at home makes me feel safe despite the world we live in.

This life, the pain, struggle, joy and happiness what life has in-store for me. I wonder.

Journey with me to the bitter sweet journey of my life.

Breaking through

So far I have been sharing the storm in my life. Feeling trapped and isolated was the only view in my mind. I was clouded by shame, embarrassment and isolation. I am not proud of how my life turned out to be. Often I wonder how victims who managed to overcome the same storm I am facing. Today is the day. Today I shall put a step forward towards the light at the end of this darkness tunnel. Today I shall seek guidance from God. Today I shall view life from another perspective. Today I shall give life another chance.

Tinder in life

Tinder an understatement word to define an app that somehow finds the stranger near you.

Have you ever thought that at times sharing with strangers feels more comforting than the ones beside you. Yes for the victims I swipe right on Tinder was never for a random hookup. I must confess!

Although there was one guy whom still a stranger. Somehow opened my eyes on perspectives of life. He never judge the storminlife. All he said or quoted was “Tough times don’t last Tough people do”. Honestly to whomever said that or if it was him Woow. He is a stranger but somehow words just flash thru my mind like 4th of July.

I am thankful to his words of comforting and hope someday I’ll be privileged to meet him.

So give it a try, smile to a stranger or share with them. I know it sounds absurd to pour out what you going through to a stranger. But hey “A strangers advice always a breakthrough than someone beside me- S.S.M

Pain in life

Surprised to know, Pain.My life once surround with happiness. And what I gain, Pain

Never noticed how storm strikes Unwelcome Pain. One mistake, days regret Oh the Pain I can never forget. Tears of rain hello dessert. Pain I beg of you why unexpected. 

I was wrong, am sincere. oh Pain how can you not hear. I laugh, I cry but you still here. Please!! Pain tell me why you still here. For i am in fear. 

You came to me without a warning. Stamped your mark without a boundary. Oh Pain why your sight always near for my life will never be clear.

Moments in storm

Random hookups never strikes my mind. People often suggest to “live for the moment”. But how can I live for just the moment when that moment I will treasure. How can I share a bed with someone when it last for only a moment. How can I not hurt when the moment has past??. 

Sandy love

One weeked afternoon  I was at the terrace I swear I can hear sound of a kitten. Surprisingly it walk near our gate. It came to me purring and showing it’s claws. There i knew that the little kitten has lost her mother. I can’t leave this kitten alone. A very playful one which caught my heart from that day. 

I named her SANDY since the time she came to me I was listening to Elvis Presley :  Blue Suede Shoes… So the only name that cross my mind is SANDY.

Her playful tricks also caught the attention of my entire family. Like a mother nourish her child. We showered her with love and cat food. Lol. 


Can someone’s life be changed instantly. I always question myself. But now believing that someone change is simple. However people accepting that may hinder. When someone confesses their sins and crimes and seek for forgiveness;  being a Christian person it’s nature to forgive. As the bible clearly states forgive one another as our father(God) forgives us.

Life publication 

Stories can be verbally foretold by anyone. That anyone can either add red or dread beans. But a story once publish can never be edited. Life has a unique way on our life publications. A story that scribes on yesteryears can easily remembered by any of your readers. Like the bible theirs different stories and personas yet a simple morale. Mine was basically 80% defeat and 20% victory. Everyday temptation clutches to my back. Falling short has been victorious. But a the end lessons learnt. Others may judge but moving forward is all that matters. 

Darkness of reality 

Life without light is darkness. But a light in darkness times means everlasting. Everyone struggles a shot of darkness in their lifes. I was shot down and felt so crippled. Nothing seems possible anymore. A feeling that everywhere I am a cloud of darkness above me. Tears may dry but never ease the pain. Will I overcome this darkness. Or the fear of seeing the lightime.  Maybe my surrounding fears me. 

Even life

Life is unpredictable. It turns upside down when storm strikes. But a fair warning as “calm before the storm”. Prepare to face the worse. Catastrophic at the end of the day only defines someone. Either you flock to other places for shelter. Or build yourself a firm foundation. Even when the world says move plant yourself like a tree and stand still. Our life always face storm that leaves a scare. Being torn a lesson but uniting the pieces is a  lifemark.